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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hi Seoul (KUMGANGSAN) -- Korean Fusion Food

I'm not a big fan of Korean food, if there's a choice, I'd prefer Japanese food more than Korean food. Nevertheless, I had the best Korean food on Sunday night in this new Korean Restaurant at Likas Square.

The food are nice & considered healthy, not oily at all, mum loves it so much.

We were greeted by these "cute mini candies". We thought we were served dessert before all our main courses. Though it looks like candies, it's not ...

Guess what is it ...

Watch this video clip for an answer:-

Apparently, it's wet tissue!

The waiter came back with a kettle filled with hot water & pour it on these "marshmallows-alike-candies". It then expand into wet tissues. Cool ya ...

Our first dish was this Ginseng Chicken Soup with Glutinous Rice (Sam-gye-tang). I never like Ginseng, but I was attracted by this soup.

I didn't get to snap a picture that night, managed to trace one from a food blog, hope the owner of the blog doesn't mind me 'stealing' without permission. Sorry ya ...

Dong Fun with mixed vegetables (Japchae)

Stew Pork with Potato (Dwaeji-galbi-jjim)

If you are a Kim-Chi lover, you have to try this! It's called Kimchi-jjigae. It's fantastic. I don't fancy Kim-Chi but I love this!

And .. last but not least ... this looks like our "Nasi Goreng Pataya" huh ... I like this the most! I shall try doing this at home one of this day.

Tomato Fried Rice wrapped with Omelet (Omeurice)

Let's add a little Korean spice to your diet today ... Let's start "Anyonghaseyo" together!

Likas Square (previous A&W outlet)

Lot 10, Ground Floor, Jalan Istiadat, Likas.
For Reservation, please call 088-252 326
Business Time: 11:00am to 3:00pm + 5:30pm to 10:00pm

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